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The  Folkloric group of Rochão was established  on December 17th of the year 1986 by Alexandre Rodrigues. This is a group of young people, all folklore´s admirers. The origin of this group is related to a another group that existed in Rochão but this new group has different views on how to represent and explain the manners and habits of the people from Rochão and Camacha.

Since its establishment the group has been strived in researching the various areas of the Folklore ethnography, such as the dances, the music, the songs, the way of dressing and other aspects.

In 1989, the group did its first exchange with another group from mainland Portugal and since then they've been continue this exchanges either in national or international territoire. In Portugal the group has already crossed the mainland from the north to the south and also some of the islands from the Azores archipelago. On an international scale they were in Spain, the Canary Islands, France, Germany, Brazil, Italy and the UK.

It's also worth to mention this Festival takes place every 2 years and it is already on its XII edition on a national level and IX edition on a international level showing different aspects of the Ethnography and the Folklore such as "Os remédios d'outrora" (The remedies from the past), "O nosso folclore no limiar do Século XXI" (Our Folklore on the edge of the 21th Century), "Os tocadores de Harmónica e o entretenimento popular" (The harmonic players and the popular entertainment), etc.

In 2006 the year in which took place their 20th anniversary the group published its first CD, entitled "Meia Valsinha".

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