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The Rochão Folklore Group celebrates its Rochão Folklore Festival on August 8, this year, a remarkable event already in the cultural calendar, within the framework of ethnography, the Region, the Municipality and the parish where it is inserted, For its dynamic of spectacle, for the ornamentation of the scenario that is inserted as well as for the participation of prestigious Groups in this event both national and international in previous editions, namely from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Russia, etc ... returning This year to be attended by a group from Spain and mainland Portugal.
21:00 p.m. - Inicio do Desfile
22:00 p.m. - Grupo de Folclore do Rochão
22:25 p.m. - Rancho Típico Santa Maria da Reguenga (https://www.facebook.com/ranchotipico.reguenga?fref=ts)
22:45 p.m. - Associação Grupo de Folclore Calheta
23:05 p.m. - Agrupacion Folklorica Yacambú (https://www.facebook.com/agrupacionfolklorica.yacambu?fref=ts)
23:25 p.m. - Grupo De Folclore Ponta Do Sol











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